Authentic Japanese Sushi Variety Platters

Authentic Japanese Sushi Variety Platters
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After a successful career working as a creative in fashion marketing and advertising for 10+ years, British Born Chinese Chef Jojo decided to pursue her passion for cooking more seriously and retrain as a professional chef at Leith's School of Food and Wine. She is passionate about showcasing traditional Cantonese cooking and changing perceptions of how many people regard Chinese food as a greasy Saturday night takeaway. Her love for fresh, clean flavours combined with authentic Chinese cooking techniques creates dishes that are both comforting and moreish, ideal for sharing in a family-style dining experience. With her family originating from Hong Kong, Jojo learnt to cook with her parents from a young age and has fond childhood memories of her family kitchen smelling of fragrant, savoury broths bubbling on the stove for hours and weekends spent making dozens of dumplings with her late father. Aside from her particular love for Chinese cookery, she loves to experiment and cook all cuisines from Japanese and Korean to classic French, and baked her way through the Covid-19 pandemic. Her previous career in art direction continues to heavily influence her new profession, with an eye for beautiful and modern presentation and an ambition to inspire others to get creative and reflect their own unique personalities through cooking.
Indulge in the artful mastery of Chef Jojo with our exquisite sushi platters. Each piece is a burst of flavor, meticulously crafted to perfection. Elevate your dining experience with a symphony of fresh ingredients, vibrant colors, and impeccable presentation. From traditional classics to innovative creations, Chef Jojo's sushi platters promise a journey of culinary delight. Please Choose 4 Options From Each Section of the Sample Menu (Each Person Will Have 12 Pieces Each) : Certainly, here's the updated Japanese sushi platters menu with the disclaimer added: *Nigiri Sushi Platter:* 1. Maguro Nigiri - Fresh tuna slices on vinegared rice. 2. Ebi Nigiri - Succulent shrimp topping on seasoned rice. 3. Sake Nigiri - Tender salmon pieces over sushi rice. 4. Hamachi Nigiri - Yellowtail fish on a bed of vinegared rice. (Please note: Availability of Hamachi may vary due to current supply shortages. In case of unavailability, it will be substituted with another high-quality white fish like bream or bass.) 5. Unagi Nigiri - Grilled eel glazed with sweet soy sauce. *Maki Sushi Platter:* 1. California Roll - Crab meat, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko rolled in seaweed and rice. 2. Spicy Tuna Roll - Spicy tuna, cucumber, and scallions wrapped in nori and rice. 3. Dragon Roll - Eel, avocado, and cucumber inside, topped with sliced avocado and eel sauce. 4. Rainbow Roll - A colorful medley of sashimi slices on a California roll base. 5. Tempura Roll - Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo in a roll. *Temaki Sushi Platter:* 1. Negitoro Temaki - Chopped tuna belly with scallions and shiso leaf. 2. Ebi Mayo Temaki - Tempura shrimp, avocado, lettuce, and spicy mayo. 3. Veggie Temaki - Cucumber, pickled heritage carrots, takuan, avocado, and spicy mayo. 4. Seared Beef Temaki - Seared rib-eye steak with cucumber, spring onion, and shiso verde. 5. Scallop Temaki - Fresh scallop tartare with ponzu, cucumber, and ikura. Available locations: London
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Paul T.

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Sep 11

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Chef Jojo's sushi platters through HOMETAINMENT, and it was truly a culinary masterpiece! Each sushi piece was a burst of exquisite flavor, meticulously crafted to perfection. The symphony of fresh ingredients, vibrant colors, and impeccable presentation elevated the dining experience to new heights. From traditional classics to innovative creations, Chef Jojo's sushi platters take you on a delightful culinary journey. I had the opportunity to choose four options from each section of the sample menu, and it was a tough decision because every option sounded fantastic. The sushi was not just a meal; it was a work of art. Chef Jojo's attention to detail and dedication to quality are evident in every bite. In particular, the Nigiri Sushi Platter showcased the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The Maguro Nigiri and Sake Nigiri were absolute highlights, offering a perfect balance of flavors. I was also pleasantly surprised by the Dragon Roll from the Maki Sushi Platter; the combination of eel and avocado was divine. The Temaki Sushi Platter added a unique touch to the experience. The Negitoro Temaki with chopped tuna belly and scallions was a delightful treat, and the Seared Beef Temaki was a true revelation. It's worth noting that Chef Jojo and the team were accommodating, providing an alternative for the Hamachi Nigiri due to supply shortages. Overall, I highly recommend Chef Jojo's sushi platters for any occasion. It's not just a meal; it's a memorable culinary journey that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

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