Helping you glow from the inside out! A London-based Nutritionist focused on helping individuals achieve optimal health. Georgie is the Founder of Glow Nutrition, her private practice offering tailored corporate events & talks, personalised consultations and bespoke nutrition plans specific to the individuals needs. With an MSc in Nutrition from King’s College London, a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Georgie also has a BSc in Biomedical, Health & Life Science. While qualified to work with a wide range of issues, Georgie works with & provides talks on gut health & the microbiome, hormones, stress & fatigue, skin health, weight loss, and ways to improve sleep. The body is incredibly powerful at restoring its own balance and achieving optimal health. As a nutritional therapist Georgie's job is to help you harness this power through your food and lifestyle choices. The key to all of this is consistency because small and consistent changes can ultimately have huge positive impacts on our levels of health and well-being. Georgie combines the most up-to-date scientific research and evidence-based practices with a practical, easy to understand approach to food and dietary issues. Whether it’s giving a group talk or giving practical advice within your home Georgie's aim is to help you understand the dietary choices that are best for you and your health. By providing guidance and recommendations that can be incorporated into your daily routine, Georgie's aim is to help you to feel and function at your best. This can mean anything from better daily energy levels, less bloating & digestive distress, to optimal body composition, better sleep, improved mood & clearer skin - and the list continues!


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Katherine J.

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Aug 9

Having tried every diet invented and ignored gut-health problems for over a decade, approaching Georgie was a game changer. Georgie's insights and guidance helped my insides significantly as well as my sleep quality and mental health. Georgie gave me the ability and confidence to switch up my diet to food I love, which is actually good for me and super tasty. As a bonus, I am also losing weight through nutrition rather than fad diets. I now have the toolkit to put myself and my health first. Georgie made the entire process enjoyable and pain free - literally!


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