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Circus Performance - Kids' Entertaining Show
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Sharky and George
Sharky and George




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Sharky & George has a simple aim. To find the fun in everything. Their awesome children’s parties are all about getting everyone involved in active, imaginative and energetic games, races, competitions, adventures and missions always involving a certain amount of mischief! Sharky (Charlie) and George have never quite grown up, and don't intend to any time soon. They have managed to build a whole team of guys and girls who are complete experts in fun with boundless energy, effortless charm and totally brilliant with children of all ages. So whether you’re interested in a woodland survival party, a chocolate making extravaganza, a movie making masterclass or a couple of hours of good honest fun, Sharky & George will do everything we possibly can to create the most awesome party imaginable.
The party will start with an introduction and playing a warm-up game to get the children ready for some circus and silliness, then dive into taster sessions for different juggling props. These are activities that can individually take between 5-30 minutes depending on how much fun everyone is having and their aptitude for the equipment. Examples of skills taught include: Juggling Balls Diablo Juggling scarves Poi Spinning Plates Hula hoops Club balancing Ribbon dance Brendan also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of games and activities so can guarantee that everyone will be thoroughly entertained and leave satisfied, able to do something new that they couldn't before! As well as the Circus Workshop leader we will be sending two Sharky & George team along to make sure everyone is having a brilliant time, getting the group involved in the games activities and be there to help anyone who might be struggle. Available locations: Cotswolds, Essex, London, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex
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1h 30min

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1 week

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30 minutes

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No packing up time
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We'll bring all the kit for our fantastic games. Please note this does not include food. 

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Available 24/7

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Daniel P.

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Oct 31

In the words of Robert’s mate, Douglas, also 6 years old, “It was epic!”

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