These FAQs provide valuable information for potential customers interested in the experiences on the HOMETAINMENT website, ensuring a clear understanding of what each service entails.

Private CHEFs

Will the private chef clean up afterwards?
How much does a private chef cost?
What cuisines can I choose from?
Is there a minimum spend for a private chef?
Do you offer breakfast and brunch experiences?
Do your private chefs cater for allergies and dietary requirements?
Do I need to provide anything for my private chef experience?

Bartenders and Mixologists

Is there a minimal number of people bartenders & mixologists can cater for?
Can I choose which drinks my bartender or mixologist will serve?
Will the HOMEtainer provide glasses?
What’s the difference between a bartender and a mixologist?
How much does it cost to hire a bartender or mixologist?
How experienced are your bartenders and mixologists?


How experienced are your musicians?
How much does a musician's performance cost?
How long does a musician’s performance last?
What type of music can I have at my event?
Do you offer live singers?
Do you have any unique music experiences to impress my guests?
How do I book a musician?

Entertainers and Masterclasses

Is there a maximum number of people allowed for these experiences?
What types of masterclasses do you have?
What entertainers would be good for a party?
How much does an entertainer or masterclass cost?
How far in advance do I need to book my HOMEtainer?
Are any of these experiences suitable for the office?
What types of wellbeing masterclasses do you have?


Are wellbeing events only suitable for parties or big events?
What sort of event are wellbeing experiences suitable for?
How much does a wellbeing experience cost?
Is there a minimum send for wellbeing experiences?
What types of wellbeing experiences are there?
How long does each experience last?
Are these wellbeing experiences suitable for the workplace?
Are your wellbeing experiences suitable for all ages?
Do you offer beauty wellness treatments at home?
Will the HOMEtainer bring everything they need?

In Office

Does our office need to provide anything?
Do you have unique entertainment for an office party?
Is there a minimum spend on office experiences?
How far in advance do I need to book your office experiences?
We want to hold an office wellbeing experience, can you help?
Do you offer experiences that don’t involve alcohol?

Children's entertainment

Do you have children’s entertainment ideas for all ages?
Is there a minimum spend?
Can you help me plan a children’s birthday party?
Do you have children’s entertainment experiences that are educational?
How long do your children’s entertainment experiences last?
What types of children’s entertainment experiences do you have?
Do I need to prepare anything for the HOMEtainer?


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