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Floristry Masterclass

Unleash Your Creativity with HOMETAINMENT Floristry Masterclasses

Our floristry classes are designed to be hosted in your HOME or OFFICE so they’re great for birthday parties, team socials and hen-dos. As well as learning how to arrange flowers for vases, you’ll find other workshops that encourage you to get creative including learning how to make dried floral wreaths that will last for years and Freakebana - the traditional Japanese flower arranging masterclass.

Unleash Your Creativity with HOMETAINMENT Floristry Masterclasses


Miss Jones
Virgin Media
Sharky & George
Mortimer House

Some of our Floristry experiences for your London home or office

There’s nothing quite like having a HOME filled with beautiful flowers; except perhaps if you’ve learned how to arrange bouquets yourself and now your vases are filled with your own handiwork. Sounds like the sort of thing you want in your HOME? Then rather than look for a flower arranging class near you, why not host one in your own HOME?

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These FAQs provide insights into Hometainment's Entertainers & Masterclasses experiences related to wardrobe styling and wellbeing experiences, helping customers understand how these services can enhance their events. If you have more questions or need further information, please feel free to ask!

What types of floral arrangements can I expect for my event's floristry experience?
Can I choose specific flower types or colors for my event's floral arrangements?
Are floristry experiences suitable for outdoor events as well as indoor settings?
Do florists provide all the necessary flowers and materials for their workshops?
How can floral arrangements enhance the ambiance of my event?


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