Wellness Trio: Reiki, Tea Ceremony, & Masks - Japanese Tradition

Wellness Trio: Reiki, Tea Ceremony, & Masks - Japanese Tradition
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Diana is a certified Reiki Master, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach and the founder of ReikiMove. She has been attuned to both Japanese and Western Reiki Lineage, therefore using the benefits of both Japanese and Western reiki techniques. Her passion for yoga and spiritual practices started at an early age and her interest in the science behind the human energy body got her involved in international workshops and high-level trainings. She received her Reiki Master Teacher Diploma as a highest level of education in this field and completed studies on the ‘chakra system’ based on the system of Anodea Judith (one of the biggest authorities in the area). Diana introduced a new concept to the world called ‘ReikiMove’, which includes a powerful mix of chakra activation movements, meditation and reiki. Due to increased popularity and high demand, it is now a registered brand in energy healing, which has also earned international recognition by Dr. Thornton Streeter the CEO and founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences. Diana built an international network of Reiki Practitioners to connect with people worldwide and to bring the practical side of energy work and chakra balancing closer to people. She is dedicated to raise awareness of the holistic wellness concept and to prove that accessing life-force energy is within reach for every single person. Her outstanding reviews is a proof of her dedication. Each client request is unique in her view, there are no two sessions which would be led the same way, always customised and made to best fit requirement / need / demand. She also incorporates crystal healing, natural remedies and a variety of organic products in her rituals. Diana completed a Level 4 Beauty Therapist training in order to include skin rejuvenation therapies as part of her portfolio.
RICE FACE MASK + SAKURA SENCHA CEREMONY + REIKI ZEN This special experience is deeply recharging on many levels: working on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time. The Japenese style retreat will be taken to the comfort of your HOME. It is designed to help you to forget about the daily hectic life, enjoy a bit of pampering and ease into relaxation with the guidance of your Reiki master, meditation coach and beauty therapist in one person. The Japanese Revival includes 3 main elements; 1. Rice Face Mask: You will start by applying this natural homemade remedy together to freshly cleaned face. It is made of 100% organic ingredients: rice, milk and honey. Experience the benefits of the popular Japanese rice mask: it has exfoliating property, rice water hydrates and regenerates the skin. Due to its high inositol content, it helps to slow down aging and improves blood circulation. Honey and milk will enhance the deep moisturising and rejuvenating effect on the skin. 2. Sencha Tea Ceremony: You will enjoy a fresh sencha green tea, before and after a relaxing meditation, helping you ground in the moment, detox and recharge. The tea is made from high quality organic Japanese loose sencha leaf (imported from Kyoto Japan). Sencha is considered as the most popular green tea in Japan, well known for its health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, have powerful medicinal properties, it has the ability to fight chronic diseases, aid in weight loss, protect the immune system, increase energy, and stimulate cognitive activity. 3. Reiki: During a guided meditation the Reiki master will share relaxing and healing ‘life-force energy’ (reiki) with you, to take your revival experience to the next level. Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing technique which works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time. The healing energy can break away toxic energies and negative thoughts and will restore healthy energy flow to make you feel more recharged, calm, focused and positive. Smooth music and nature sounds will help you stay grounded and to keep all your senses engaged during your relaxation. Reiki will increase the vibrations of each cell of your body and will boost the healing effect of the rice face mask and sencha tea. You will be guided back into your environment in gentle way, enjoying another sip of your lovely refreshing sencha tea, helping you find the ground again and noticing the positive shift, the New You! You will finish the experience with the powerful ‘Breath of Joy’ exercise, to activate the heart chakra and leave you on high energy and positive mood. (Reiki has no downside risk and cannot do any harm.) Available locations: London
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1 hour

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Lead time ahead of booking:

1 week

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No setup time

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1 week
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Included from the hometainer:

Reiki master, music, rice mask ingredients, tea leaf and cups.

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A comfortable relaxing space (yoga mat, blanket, cushions), kettle, towels and potentially, additional tea cups

Operating hours

Available 24/7

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