With lived experiences from 12 places across the world and 10 years working in hospitality and media, Alya has a unique insight into the world of culture, people and wine. Her corporate career focused on designing and delivering personal development courses and making workplaces more equitable. Her hospitality career led her to curate and host bespoke wine experiences, events and excursions across the world, tailor and customise wine lists, and obtain her WSET Level 3 and personal alcohol licence. Alya’s experience working as a Sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants led her to realise how uncomfortable people are when choosing wine, particularly in the presence of an expert. Her goal is simple: make wine more accessible. Alya’s experiences, in the comfort of your own home, are about 4 things: 1) Depretentious-ising wine - she breaks it down and makes it easy to understand. 2) Discovering hidden gems - she'll introduce you to new grapes and regions, and also help you find those hidden gems on a wine list that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 3) Helping you find what you like (and don’t like) - because, isn’t this the most important?! She’ll also help you understand *why* you like the wine, so you can find similar styles. 4) Learning something new - from the fundamentals of pairing food and wine, to debunking myths and, of course, giving you some fun facts to take away to your next restaurant experience. Alya’s interactive, immersive and fun approach makes understanding wine less daunting, and more fun. You’ll create some new stories, boost your wine confidence, and make a positive impact* whilst doing so. (*% of her gross earnings goes to charity).


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