Some Wellness Ideas To Do With Friends in London?

September 20, 2023

After a busy and hectic summer, it's finally time to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while. But why settle for the same old dinner and drinks routine? This time, let's crank up the fun and opt for something truly extraordinary.

HOMETAINMENT offers experiences that go beyond mere reconnection with friends; we promise an unforgettable event that can be hosted from home. So, grab your friends and get ready for a wellness experience like no other! 

Embark on a Journey to Self Healing

‚ÄėLearn to Self Heal‚Äô is not your average healing session. It empowers you with the knowledge and techniques to take charge of your own well-being.

Guided by Diana in the field of holistic healing, this HOMETAINMENT experience is all about understanding and nurturing your body's innate ability to heal itself.

Gather your friends for a meaningful and enlightening evening, where you can share your wellness journey and support each other in achieving better health.

Fuel Your Friendship with Nutrition Wisdom

Turn your friends' gathering into a feast for the senses! With HOMETAINMENT’s nutrition masterclass, you and your friends will embark on a journey to optimise your diet for better energy, focus, and success.

Led by a seasoned nutritionist, Georgie, you'll explore the science behind food and its impact on your body and mind.

Breathe in the Fun, Breathe Out Stress

Prepare for a breath-taking experience as HOMETAINMENT brings you an immersive breathwork journey.

Designed to help you release stress and anxiety, this class allows you to breathe freely and embrace a sense of calm.

Led by a certified breathwork facilitator, Aimée, get ready for an evening of laughter and fun as you and your friends deepen your bonds and understanding of each other.

Cheers to wellness!

Love sharing a glass of wine and catching up with friends? We have the perfect experience for you. Hosted by HOMEtainer Natalie, the Mindfulness and Wine Tasting workshop allows you to taste natural and organic wines from small producers that are low in sugar encouraging you to develop a healthy relationship with wine.

Share stories, poetry and laughs as you unwind during an evening of transformation with your loved ones. 

Whether you're diving into self-healing, savouring nutritious delights, or breathing in bliss, these experiences promise a memorable and entertaining time, all from the comfort of your own home.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can choose HOMETAINMENT? Get ready to laugh, learn, and recharge together in style!



About the Author: 

Hometainment Team

HOMETAINMENT, a company specializing in curating hospitality and entertainment experiences, delivers them directly to your place of choice , be it your Home your office , your shop , etc…. It stands as the premier platform for home and office entertainment, alleviating the stress associated with hosting. Boasting an extensive array of offerings, from private chefs, bartenders, and musicians to masterclasses, well-being activities, and children's entertainment, HOMETAINMENT continually expands its repertoire with new experiences and experts each week. The seasoned HOMEtainers manage every aspect of your event, regardless of its scale, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

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