Why Office Food Delivery Is Gaining Popularity?

Why Office Food Delivery Is Gaining Popularity?

The trend for food delivery has skyrocketed over recent years, and now offices are getting in on the action. Office food delivery is gaining in popularity, revolutionising the way employees enjoy their meals during work hours. Yes, it’s convenient, but there must be other factors in workplace culture and the industry that are having an impact. Keep reading as we delve into why office food delivery is gaining popularity in modern workplaces and how you can experience it yourself with HOMETAINMENT.  

  • What is office food delivery?
  • What are the benefits of office food delivery?
  • Why is office food delivery gaining popularity?
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What is Office Food Delivery?

Office food delivery is put simply, the delivery of food to the office for employees or clients, that has usually been pre-ordered. Unlike other food delivery services like Deliveroo and Uber Eats, many office food delivery services are focusing on delivering high-quality, and healthy food, usually lunch, for office employees. Food will be delivered on the specified day and be ready and waiting for when employees are ready to eat. Depending on the meal, food may be ready to consume or may need heating up.

What are the Benefits of Office Food Delivery?

There are many benefits of office food delivery, for both employees and companies, especially when it is healthy food.

Shows Appreciation of the Workforce

Figures show that employees who feel appreciated by their workspace will perform better and have higher work satisfaction. Giving back to your employees by providing nutritional lunches via an office food delivery service shows how appreciative you are of their work. This is especially important if your employees work flexible hours or overtime, as you can still cater for them.

Healthier & Happier Employees

By using an office food delivery service, employees can receive a delicious and nutritious meal, which may not have been on the cards if they were left to their own devices. Many employees also forget to bring in their own lunch and end up buying convenient fast food which is unlikely to nourish and fuel the body for the afternoon ahead.

Providing a healthy lunch for employees allows you to get the very best out of them. Not only this but what we put into our bodies can greatly impact our mood. Healthier foods have been linked to happier individuals who do not feel sluggish and therefore perform better at work. A study found that happy workers are 13% more productive!

Increased Energy levels

When we don’t fuel our bodies correctly we can have low energy levels. Fast food, sugar and caffeine instead of a balanced healthy lunch can lead to sugar crashes later in the day as our blood sugars spike, leaving employees feeling lethargic and far from the energised, productive workforce you’re after. By providing well-balanced and healthy lunches via an office food delivery service, you can give employees the easy option to choose a lunch that will make them feel good and energised all day.

Greater Productivity

With more energy, your employees are going to be more productive! Eliminating an afternoon slump from a poor meal choice of sugar and carbohydrates can lead to more switched-on employees which results in more creative thinking, problem-solving and productive work.

Team Bonding

We all know that food brings people together. Providing team lunches via office food delivery is a great way to create a fun and friendly workplace culture. Even if your employees don’t eat all at the same time, eating the same meal for the day will ignite conversations that go above work and can bring colleagues together. A recent study found that employees who eat together had significantly better performance than those who chose to eat alone.

Why is Office Food Delivery Gaining Popularity?


A big reason for office food delivery gaining popularity is convenience. Employees are usually limited to one hour for lunch breaks and leaving the office to find food can take up valuable time. There is also the hassle and time of preparing lunches at home to bring into the office. Office food delivery, however, combats these pain points and provides a seamless solution to having a nutritious meal in the office fridge ready and waiting for them. Employees can therefore use their lunch breaks more effectively to socialise or relax, making for happier employees.

Healthy Food Equals Healthy Employees

As touched upon already, consuming healthy meals can have tremendous positive impacts on employees, their wellbeing, as well as their performance. As well as this, many people are becoming more and more health-conscious and will value a company that supports them in having healthier lifestyles.

Adaptability to Modern Work Schedules

Flexible working is overtaking the more traditional 9-to-5 workday and office food delivery services are well suited to this new type of working, offering flexibility in delivery times as well as when employees choose to eat.

Technology Driven Solutions

The advancement of technology has a lot to play in why office food delivery has gained such popularity. The ease of using an app or website makes it easy to browse menus and order office food with a click or tap of a button, as well as track deliveries in real time.

In addition, many companies can easily manage and streamline their office food delivery with tech-friendly solutions, allowing for corporate accounts with certain services to simplify billing and other processes.

Enhance Work Meetings

Office food delivery is not just limited to individual lunches and meals and can also be ordered for in-office meetings and events. There is no surprise that food can elevate even the most simple of meetings and create a more engaging, fun atmosphere for employees and clients that can boost morale. Providing nourishing food that can be tailored to an event is easy with the use of an in-office food delivery service, from canapé platters to tasting menus.

HOMETAINMENT’s Office Food Delivery

At HOMETAINMENT, our office food delivery service is a popular choice among many London companies. Prepared by experienced chefs, our healthy office food delivery service allows for high-quality, nourishing meals for employees, delivered straight to the office. Choose from breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, canapés or tasting menus to suit your workplace or event.

All meals are prepared, packaged up and delivered to your office between 7 am and 7.30 am on your chosen day. All you need to do is refrigerate it until eaten and then warmed up in a microwave or oven when needed. Simply order your meals by Thursday at 4 pm the previous week.

For more information or to make a booking, speak to the team who will be happy to help.

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With an impressive 25 years of experience in opening and running restaurants and hotels all over the world, HOMETAINMENT co-founder Antoine Melon is an expert in the art of hosting, or as he would say "L'Art de recevoir”.

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