Designer Dumpling Masterclass - Culinary Craftsmanship

Designer Dumpling Masterclass - Culinary Craftsmanship
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Chef Jojo
Chef Jojo




A simple start



After a successful career working as a creative in fashion marketing and advertising for 10+ years, British Born Chinese Chef Jojo decided to pursue her passion for cooking more seriously and retrain as a professional chef at Leith's School of Food and Wine. She is passionate about showcasing traditional Cantonese cooking and changing perceptions of how many people regard Chinese food as a greasy Saturday night takeaway. Her love for fresh, clean flavours combined with authentic Chinese cooking techniques creates dishes that are both comforting and moreish, ideal for sharing in a family-style dining experience. With her family originating from Hong Kong, Jojo learnt to cook with her parents from a young age and has fond childhood memories of her family kitchen smelling of fragrant, savoury broths bubbling on the stove for hours and weekends spent making dozens of dumplings with her late father. Aside from her particular love for Chinese cookery, she loves to experiment and cook all cuisines from Japanese and Korean to classic French, and baked her way through the Covid-19 pandemic. Her previous career in art direction continues to heavily influence her new profession, with an eye for beautiful and modern presentation and an ambition to inspire others to get creative and reflect their own unique personalities through cooking.
Unleash your creativity and learn how to roll, fill, shape and cook traditional Chinese dumplings with your own artistic stamp. Learn how to make dumplings like you've never seen them before with this unique masterclass where Chef Jojo will teach the basic foundations of dumpling making before demonstrating different techniques to add unique designs and patterns to your dumplings. Using only natural colourings and a few basic tools, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to make dumplings from scratch including kneading your own dough and how to add your own design flourish before cooking them just how you like them. Discover how different shapes affect how a dumpling 'eats' and how cooking methods create different mouthfeels and textures. Not only will your dumplings be delicious but beautiful to look at too! Once your dumplings have been lovingly made and cooked, enjoy these moreish parcels together with traditional dipping sauces and condiments, and experience how many Chinese families enjoy dumplings together. This masterclass both celebrates the humble dumpling in its simplicity and encourages you to exceed expectations of what's possible - prepare to show off and impress! Available locations: London
Experience details

Experience duration:

4 hours

Maximum number of Guests:

Minimum spend:


Lead time ahead of booking:

2 weeks

Set up time:

1 hour

Packing up time:

No packing up time
Additional info

Included from the hometainer:

Wrapper and filling ingredients, dipping sauces/condiments, specialised cooking equipment (bamboo steamers/mini rolling sticks), portable gas cookers, napkins, wooden chopsticks, full kitchen clean-up. FILLINGS Minced pork belly, Chinese cabbage and garlic chive Tiger prawn, water chestnut and bamboo shoots Tofu and mixed mushrooms (VE, VG) SAUCES/CONDIMENTS Soy sauce, black vinegar and homemade chilli oil

I will need the host to provide

Fridge, large saucepan (20cm diameter), 2 x non-stick frying pans, large lids, standard utensils, small plates/bowls for each guest, large serving plates, enough table surface area for amount of guests, small bowls for dipping sauces, cutlery

Dietary & Allergies

Gluten, crustaceans, sesame, soya, sulphites (can be adjusted to requirements)

Operating hours

Available 24/7

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