Transformational Breathwork: Igniting Liberation & Unparalleled freedom

Transformational Breathwork: Igniting Liberation & Unparalleled freedom
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Breathwork specialist and holistic health expert Aimée Buchler has an impressive track record of working with top CEOs and members of royal families worldwide. Aged just 19, she became the youngest European Bikini Bodybuilding Champion. After competing, she began to study naturopathic medicine & nutrition, meditation, and breathwork. At 21, she founded her own wellness company. Aimée is on a mission to help people heal and optimise all corners of their well-being. Aimée wears her beliefs on her sleeve. What are they? That through movement, personalised health, and breathwork we connect with our greatest, most-energised selves. In this sync, we find greater health, purpose, and meaning. Her philosophy is grounded in the idea that we can all find a path to better health and happiness by taking a holistic approach to our well-being. In early 2022, Aimée began running transformational experiences, which offers a range of transformative events designed to help people optimise and heal. The experiences include breathwork, sound healing, movement and even Cacao ceremonies led by students of indigenous leaders. Aimée's work is driven by a desire to build a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to optimising their well-being. Join Aimée to experience the benefits of a holistic approach to wellness.
The feelings we ignore lodge in the body as tension. Our unexpressed emotions become pain. Every self-defeating thought we have registers, and builds. It all manifests as stress, anxiety, and if we're not careful, disease. Transformational breathwork journeys are powerful 75 minute journeys. Here, we go deep into healing and work on rewiring subconscious programming. Why? Because, as Heidi Grant tells us, if the conscious mind can contain enough information to fit on a post it note, the subconscious can hold as much as a NASA Supercomputer. The subconscious runs our lives, and if we’re not careful, we can program it to be a disservice to us. We breathe to release trauma, belief systems and trapped emotions that do not serve us, so that we can bring in more freedom, peace, and joy into our lives. As Aimée guides you into deep breathing, you will enter a hypnotic and dreamlike state. When in this state, you are able to release stored energy and tension from the the body without excessive cognitive involvement. On top of that, by breathing deeply for long periods of time, you will deeply oxygenise the body allowing your organs to get the nourishment they need. The experience includes an integration session at the end for everybody to be able to process their experience! Benefits: greater energy, clarity, peace and joy and physiological balance Available locations: London
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Emily B.

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Jun 6

Our experience with HOMEtainment was absolutely fantastic. Collaborating with Kate and the HOMEtainment team to arrange our inaugural event was a delightful process. The range of options they provided was extensive, and all participants in the Breathwork and Sound Healing workshop had an incredibly positive and enriching experience. We're so thrilled with the outcome that we've already scheduled two additional sessions for June and July, and we're eagerly anticipating them.

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