Cacao and Sound Healing - Wellness Ceremony in London

Cacao and Sound Healing - Wellness Ceremony in London
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Kate is a musician and artist and started her Sound Healing journey after finding it to be the most deep and profound tool to physically and mentally expand in consciousness, release anxiety and move through grief and trauma. The healing vibrations of the Crystal Bowls, Shamanic Drum, Tuning Forks and Kate’s ethereal vocals will guide you into a lucid space like no other. It is a time for you to open up, relax and receive. Emotions can be released, visions can be experienced, messages and insights can come through, and deep peace, rest, restoration, bliss and transcendence can be found. Allowing you to reset, rebalance and realign on a deep cellular level, attuning you to your higher power and magic. Kate is passionate about Ritual and Ceremony in her space holding, often using Cacao or Herbal infusions to create deeper intention within the sound journeys , guiding us back to a wider understanding of ourselves, our human experience, the world around us, and making the everyday sacred whether that be for groups, events, holding retreats, or working 1:1 with clients.
The power of sound is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational frequencies to enable us to drop into a meditative state and allow the possibility of clearing, cleansing and balancing on a deep cellular level. Everything in creation has a frequency and is vibration. Each thought and feeling, every part of our bodies, every atom reaching out at the furthest galaxies and when these vibrations are in harmony we can experience peace and natural transcendence. ​As a musician Kate has been drawn to the power of Alchemic Crystal Singing Bowls and the voice and their Shamanic ability to transform consciousness. The bowls are made from pure quartz infused with precious metals which create angelic vibrations facilitating Alpha (medicative state and connection to the present moment), Theta (dreaming, visions and creative flow) and Delta (deep unconscious, intuition and insights) brainwave states. Sound healing is a passive place for you to receive. - you just lie back and enjoy! It can be created for the individual or for groups and for any occasion. Kate can create something very personal just for you or your group. Not only will you be bathing in the vibrations but you will be guided through the Ceremonial drinking of the beautiful plant Cacao. Cacao is used as a Shamanic medicine and through opening the heart, it enables us to hear our true self, dissolve any pent up negative energy, and help us align with who we truly are. Kate uses Shamanic Drumming, Tuning Forks, Chimes and Alchemic crystal bowls fused with her ethereal transcendent vocals which allow you to reset, rebalance and realign, attuning you to your higher power and magic. She leads her guests in ritual and ceremonial spaces that are inclusive to all and non religious but connect us deeper to ourselves and to Nature. Through her Sound Meditations she will guide you into deep lucid states of relaxation, opening receptivity, connection, and creating cosmic journeys of the soul. Available locations: London
Experience details

Experience duration:

2 hours

Maximum number of Guests:

Minimum spend:


Lead time ahead of booking:

14 days

Set up time:

30 minutes

Packing up time:

15 minutes
Additional info

Included from the hometainer:

Crystal Bowls, Shamanic drum, Tuning Forks, Candles, Chimes, Cacao in flask

I will need the host to provide

Mats/Cushions/Blankets ( whatever they want to use to be comfortable) + Cups for each person drinking the cacao + 2m x 1m Space on the ground for Kate to set up

Operating hours

Available 24/7

Experience Reviews

Nova Y.

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Oct 31

Kate has been a huge pinnacle in my life for helping me understand myself and everything greater than myself. So I knew I was going to be in for something extremely special when I went to her sound healing. I was absolutely blown away. Everything from the setting, the space and practice was incredibly powerful. However when she sang with her bowls, I completely transcended in to the most mind-blowing mystical abyss. Her voice is one of the most beautiful, combined with the bowls it is truly special. She has a pure gift which everyone needs to experience

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