Interactive Workshops for Office Events - Team Building & Fun

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February 29, 2024

Interactive Workshops for Office Events - Team Building & Fun

More often than not, employees and employers get so caught up in the non-stop corporate culture that the importance of fun in the workplace as well as fostering teamwork can be forgotten. One great way businesses can refocus their efforts on team building and fun is through in-office interactive workshops for all employees to get involved in. Offering engaging sessions is not only a learning opportunity but also encourages teamwork between employees who may not naturally be brought together. Even better, employees benefit from these interactive office events all whilst having fun!

In this blog post, we will explore what interactive workshops entail, share a variety of in-office event ideas, and discuss how we at HOMETAINMENT can help you put one of these great interactive workshops on.

What are Interactive Workshops?

Interactive workshops are the new way of putting on engaging and fun office events for all your employees. These in-office events are designed specifically to bring employees together by encouraging participation and fun, allowing staff members to learn a new skill or experience something they may have never had the opportunity to do.

Why Book an Interactive Workshop for Office Events?

You may be wondering why it is worth booking an interactive workshop for office events if it is worth the expense and how much it will positively impact your team. Whilst these are understandable concerns, the benefits of such interactive workshops as a form of office event are vast. Some of the benefits of booking one of these events include:

1. Promote Team Cohesion

Team cohesion not only encompasses inter-team relationships but also cross-team work. It is an opportunity for junior employees to work with more senior members, creating an improved organisational and cultural environment.

2. Improve Employee Productivity

Interactive office events give employees the chance to take a break from the monotony of daily tasks. By breaking up the daily routine of employees, creativity and productivity are refreshed. This not only benefits employees but also the organisation as a whole by positively impacting work performance.

3. Personal & Professional Development

A further benefit of interactive office events is their contribution towards both personal and professional development. These in-office events are an opportunity for employees to acquire new skills, or refine existing ones.

The Importance of Team Building & Fun in Offices

If you’re still unsure whether an interactive office workshop is worth putting on for employees, look at the statistics around encouraging team building and fun in the office!

  • Team belonging has been shown to reduce employee turnover by up to 54%.
  • Over 80% of employees highly value an organisation that prioritises creating a sense of community.
  • 78% of employees are looking for a more supportive work culture.
  • Fun in the workplace increases employee retention by improving engagement, creativity and purpose.
  • Teams with high levels of engagement show 21% greater profitability.

These findings show the importance of fostering a positive working environment through team building and fun, as a way of improving employee and business performance.

5 Interactive Workshop Ideas for Office Events

There is a huge range of interactive workshops that your business can put on for employees in the office. We have put the following list together of some ideas for interactive workshops to put on in the office.

1. Escape Room

A team escape room provides teams with a challenging interactive environment where teamwork and collaboration are critical to getting out in the set time. This immersive experience can improve critical thinking and communication skills through puzzle-solving and code-cracking. At HOMETAINMENT, our partner ‘Sharky and Geroge’ offers a fun and interactive escape room that can be put on in your offices for employees to enjoy.

2. Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a great way to ignite your employees’ culinary creativity and teamwork. This involves dividing employees into mixed teams who will then work together to prepare a meal under the guidance of a professional. Our HOMETAINMENT cooking classes, such as the designer dumpling masterclass, are designed to cater to all levels, ensuring all employees have an enjoyable and helpful experience.

3. Wellbeing Workshops

Putting on interactive workshops centred around employee mental health and well-being is a great way to encourage fun within the workplace in a beneficial manner. Examples of such in-person interactive workshops could be an ‘Energy Play’ workshop, focused on trust, awareness and intuitive skills or perhaps ‘SoundPlay: Art Meditations’ would be a great alternative to inspire artistic expression and skills amongst employees.

4. Office Games

An afternoon or day of office games is a great opportunity to inspire fun amongst your team and encourage teamwork. We offer a range of interactive office game events that would benefit your organisation in this way. ‘Minute To Win It’ has the aim of involving everyone in a competitive yet fun afternoon of interactive games. Or maybe your team are big fans of the show ‘The Traitors’? If so we have the interactive experience for you! Book onto the Traitors corporate team experience to put employee relationships to the test in a fun and engaging way.

5. Pub Quiz

A classic team exercise - a pub quiz makes an excellent choice for an interactive office event. A pub quiz is a great way to bring teams together in a competitive yet enjoyable way. This fully interactive and personalisable style quiz will test your team’s knowledge whilst improving team relationships and bonds.  

How to Book a Workshop for Your Office Events

Booking an interactive workshop has never been easier with HOMETAINMENT. Find the interactive workshop for you by browsing our range of in-office events. Tell us how many guests or members of staff you will be catering for and then we will give you a quote. From then you can book your office event, ready for staff to enjoy.

How Much Does an Interactive Workshop Cost?

Interactive workshops vary in price depending on the experience type, number of people you are catering for, duration and any additional services required. Prices can start from £50 per guest and go up from this, however many of the interactive workshops have a minimum spend. We would recommend checking our website and contacting either the HOMETAINMENT team or the expert directly for an accurate quote.

Book Interactive Workshops for Your Office Event with HOMETAINMEMNT

Reinspire your team by booking an interactive workshop for your office event. The range of events we offer means there is something for everyone, from well-being and cooking classes to events like escape rooms and Nerf Battles that inspire competitiveness and team bonding. These engaging events are a great form of team building that provides a well-needed injection of fun in the workplace amidst an often mundane workplace.

Click here, and book yours today!

Antoine Melon

With an impressive 25 years of experience in opening and running restaurants and hotels all over the world, HOMETAINMENT co-founder Antoine Melon is an expert in the art of hosting, or as he would say "L'Art de recevoir”.

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