Office Event Planning: Ideas for Every Season

January 24, 2024

Office Event Planning: Ideas for Every Season

Office events are a crucial part of fostering a productive and positive working environment. Whether it be the end-of-year Christmas party, celebrating cultural holidays or maybe just a unique and creative event to reward your employees for their valuable work, we have all the ideas for across the seasons! Keep reading to find some inspiration for event planning in the office.

Importance of Office Event Planning

Are you looking to improve team morale in your office? Noticing employees are feeling overwhelmed with stress? Office events can be a great way to find a solution to some of these issues, which is why it’s important to take your office event planning for the year ahead seriously. Bringing together employees from all areas of your company through fun and interactive events will not only benefit your employees through a more cohesive working environment but also benefit your business by improving its brand image and reputation.

Office Event Ideas for Every Season

If you are struggling with inspiration, look no further as we delve into office event planning ideas for every season.


Easter Egg Hunt

As spring rolls around and the days start to get longer, planning a fun Easter-themed event is a great way to bring the entire team together as a way of celebrating their hard work so far in the year. Dividing employees up into teams to follow a carefully planned out creative easter egg hunt that leads them to a voucher prize, perhaps for an experience day out, is just one way to add a fun twist to a spring office event. This is sure to be enjoyed by all, improving employee engagement and the general working environment.


Wellness Day

The month of May features Mental Health Awareness Week, which makes this a great time to host a wellbeing office event. This could be done by offering an afternoon of professionally led meditation and wellness workshops or reminding employees of the support services they have available to them. Health and wellness days are proven to have several positive impacts not only on general employee wellbeing but also on their future work output.


Post-work Barbeque

Summertime is another great opportunity to bring all the team together in a social setting. With the sun setting later, a post-work barbeque is just the office event for your business! Gathering employees together and having an excellent spread of food available to them is a fantastic way of showing your appreciation for their efforts. At HOMETAINMENT we offer some amazing private chefs that would be the perfect fit for this event.

Great British Bake Off Challenge

The typically British summer series ‘The Great British Bake Off’ can inspire a fun way of engaging employees and encouraging team building. Host your very own Great British Bake Off Challenge in the office and let employees have the ultimate bake-off, ready for the board to judge which hits the Mary Berry mark. Not only is this a chance for senior members to interact with more junior staff but it can also be a great way to foster teamwork through collaboration in cakes! This summer-themed office event can be taken up a notch by rewarding the winner with a private dining chef experience, like one we offer through HOMETAINMENT.  

Summer Solstice Shindig

A summer solstice party is a great summer celebration for the company. Having a fun event in sight will motivate employees to work hard, giving them something to look forward to, while also being an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to employees for all of their hard work. This could involve hiring a private bartender, offering summer canapés and having some evening entertainment, all of which you can easily book through HOMETAINMEMT.


Wimbledon week is a key date in the British summertime calendar. To celebrate such an iconic British festival, what better than hosting afternoon tea with strawberries and cream to celebrate the tennis tournament? A private bartender could also provide Pimms and summer cocktails as the perfect end to the working week. Bringing a historic tournament into the workplace is a great way to celebrate the team and improve morale.

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, getting your team together for an afternoon of tennis would be a fun way to bring everyone together whilst celebrating tennis and the Wimbledon tournament.


Harvest Festival Food Bank

Harvest Festival, an age-old British tradition celebrated in October, marks a time when people show gratitude for the food they have available to them. Partnering up with a local food bank and encouraging employees to bring in a contribution is a great way to engage staff with the wider community, give back and also improve your business’ brand image.

Bonfire Night Party

Hosting a ‘bonfire night’ themed office event for staff to enjoy is another office event perfect for the autumn season. Planning some after-work fireworks or having an in-office lunch filled with food that warms the soul such as gourmet pizzas, is the perfect nod to this October event.


Winter Wellbeing Day

As the cold months loom and a general sense of feeling run down can loom over the office, a wellbeing day office event is a great way to revive spirits amongst employees. Masterclasses on Nutrition or an Immersive Gut Health Experience offer a chance for employees to learn some new skills whilst acting as an opportunity to remind employees of the importance of prioritising their health and wellbeing.

Veganuary week

January means one thing… New Year’s resolutions! One of the most popular of these is ‘Veganuary’ - a month of eating vegan, whether that be as a challenge, for environmental reasons or to try something new. One way your business could support this and get employees engaged and interested is by planning an office event that allows employees to try a range of vegan foods. Bringing in vegan private chefs to the office is a great way to pull such an event together. Check out some of the amazing private chefs we have available through HOMETAINMENT.

Chinese New Year

Early February marks Chinese New Year, a great time to celebrate cultural diversity in the workplace. Having a day of New Year-themed activities and workshops makes for a great office event, one in which culture is celebrated and shared amongst employees. These activities could include offering Chinese calligraphy workshops, hiring a Chinese Private Chef or decorating the office with themed decorations or further cultural celebrations.

Office Event Planning with HOMETAINMENT

Planning office events that are new and exciting can be a difficult task but with HOMETAINMENT we can make that job a little easier. We offer a huge range of activities and experiences; from wellbeing events and masterclasses to in-office private chefs, we have you covered. Start creating the perfect office event and get planning today!

About the Author: 

Antoine Melon

With an impressive 25 years of experience in opening and running restaurants and hotels all over the world, HOMETAINMENT co-founder Antoine Melon is an expert in the art of hosting, or as he would say "L'Art de recevoir”.

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