Persian Feast - Dine with Friends, Family Style

Persian Feast - Dine with Friends, Family Style
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Chef Bahar
Chef Bahar




A simple start



Born and raised in northern Iran, HOMEtainer Bahar has been interested in cooking from an early age. Following a long and winding culinary path involving many countries, Bahar has decided to return to her roots to focus on her greatest passion: Persian cuisine. Now Bahar creates and cooks authentic Persian dishes from fresh and local ingredients in London. Book private chef, HOMEtainer Bahar, to cook for you at your next dinner party at HOME!
Want a delicious Persian meal but don’t want to cook? HOMEtainer and private chef Bahar’s Persian Feast is perfect for all sorts of occasions such as birthdays and date nights. All of the traditional Persian dishes are made from organic and seasonal ingredients. Starters: Sangak bread. In Persian 'sangak' means little stone. The bread is baked on a bed of small river stones in an oven. Borani esfenaj: a mix of natural yoghurt with sautéed spinach, cinnamon and garlic. Kashke Bademjon: roasted/fried aubergine with caramelised onions, garlic, roasted walnuts, dried mint and drained yoghurt. Main: Zereshkpolo ba Morgh (barberry saffron rice with chicken). This is one of chef Bahar’s top 5 favourite dishes and one of the most popular and beloved Persian dishes. The aroma of saffron rice and barberries is to die for. Desserts: Sholeh Zard (شله زرد) is farsi for “yellow pudding.” This Persian dessert is made with white basmati rice, saffron, cardamom, rosewater, sliced almond and sugar. It is a thick rice pudding that has the power, according to chef Bahar, to turn a room full of Persian adults into little kids, happily licking their spoons and bowls clean. Available locations: London
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Experience duration:

4 hours

Maximum number of Guests:

Minimum spend:


Lead time ahead of booking:

3 days

Set up time:

2 hours

Packing up time:

No packing up time
Additional info

Included from the hometainer:

All ingredients, a private chef to cook and prep, service The experience duration is from the time the Chef arrives to the time the Chef leaves. The chef does not do the table setting. The chef will clean all kitchen equipment used and tidy the kitchen after cooking. The chef does not stay until the end of the meal to clear the dishes and clean the plates.

I will need the host to provide

Cutlery, plates, pots and pans

Dietary & Allergies

Dairy, Nuts, Gluten

Operating hours

Available 24/7

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Maggie D.

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Nov 21

It was such a treat to have a meal at home with Chef Bahar to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The Persian inspired menu looked amazing and Bahar’s cooking and presentation was exquisite. Most of the dishes were new to us and it was wonderful to taste authentic Persian cuisine. We were so impressed with the whole experience from start to finish. The Hometainment team were quick to respond to my enquiry, which was rather last minute, and help chose a menu and chef to best suit our request of vegetarian menu and budget.

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