Caribbean Rum Tasting - Discover Unique Regional Flavours

Caribbean Rum Tasting - Discover Unique Regional Flavours
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Mixology with David
Mixology with David




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David has worked in the hospitality industry for over 6 years and has had experience managing and developing some of London’s most exciting cocktail bar venues and restaurants. Now a bar owner himself, he hones his service style to be experience led. David’s introduction to the drink industry evolved from his time as General manager at Merchant House in the city of London, a bar which boasts one of the largest spirit collections for rum, gin and whiskey within the UK. Here David moulded his art of mixology and developed a wide knowledge of spirit history, production and tasting and also took part in the judging for the Gin Masters back in 2018. Additionally, over the last few years David has begun to develop his own private collection of rum and whiskey housing over 400 bottles of his own, many of which are no longer in production. Most recently however, that has developed into cask investment with the aim of broadening his knowledge. David aims to take annual samples to broaden his knowledge of flavour profiles through the maturation process. Following on from Merchant House David has developed a passion for the drinks industry developing and managing venues to include: 640 East & The Store Croydon as well as privately collaborating with brands to help design menus including tequila brand NYLA tequila. Additionally David has covered a number of private and corporate events including weddings, house parties, hotel launches and investor events. David offers a unique opportunity to bring spirit tasting and mixology into the heart of your own HOME. All experiences offered by David can be personalised for every client.
Indulge in a private rum tasting masterclass in London, except it’s not in a busy bar, it’s in the comfort of your own HOME! As you are transported through the history of rum and how it is produced, learn about the different categories and types of rum exploring; British, French and Spanish examples of the much loved spirit. Enjoy a signature rum cocktail to start whilst David transports you to Barbados, Cuba and Martinique as he walks you through the history of rum and how it is made. - Explore the world of rum, sugar cane production and the different styles of rum produced using sugar cane, sugar cane juice and molasses. - Savour 5 x 25ml drams of premium Ron/rum/rhum tasting examples of Cuba, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica and Martinique. - Indulge with a 15ml nip of a rare exclusive rum from a rare collection of rums no longer available for retail. Available locations: London
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1h 30min

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2 days

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1 X tasting glass per guest, 6 x different rums, cocktail equipment

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1 glass per guest and ice

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Available 24/7

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Nov 15

This has truly been the most exceptional entertainment experience I've ever had the pleasure of booking! I arranged a Cognac tasting and a Rum tasting for my husband's birthday, and every aspect of the experience, from the initial booking to the presence of our skilled bartender, David, exceeded our expectations. David not only delivered the finest drinks but also shared his profound knowledge of the beverages, leaving us thoroughly impressed. We also opted for the chef experience, which was nothing short of spectacular. The food was exquisite, and the overall experience felt truly luxurious. Throughout the entire process, Antoine, who assisted us via the website, was exceptionally helpful. He responded promptly to every message and accommodated all our requests with grace. I wholeheartedly recommend this service for any event, and without a doubt, I will be booking the chef and expert bartender services again in the future!

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