10 Wellbeing Activities you can do in London

January 24, 2024

10 Wellbeing Activities you can do in London

Feeling a little run down with work and the busyness of city life? It is so important to take some time for yourself to unwind and enjoy a bit of R&R. The huge number of wellbeing activities in London can be a little overwhelming at times. If you don’t know where to start, keep reading for our list of 10 London wellbeing activities, whether it be for you, your friends or your team at work we have you covered!

The Importance of Wellbeing

Living in such a fast-paced, demanding world makes prioritising our wellbeing more important than ever. It can be so easy to get caught up with work and city life that we start to neglect our physical, emotional and mental health. By prioritising our wellbeing we can reap so many benefits such as improving our mental health, increasing productivity, creating a more balanced and holistic view of life and improving our relationships with friends and family.  

Putting wellbeing first is equally important in the workplace. It can help employees manage their mental health, create a healthier work culture and improve work-life balance. Introducing wellbeing activities into your office therefore not only benefits employees but also your overall business success.  

10 Wellbeing Activities in London

Ready to recharge and have a bit of rest and relaxation? London is full of wellbeing activities for you to do by yourself, with friends or at home. Discover our list of 10 wellbeing activities in London for you to check out.

1. Meditation Pods

Feeling in need of rest, a refresher and relaxation? Pop & Rest offers meditative relaxation pods as a time out from the hectic working culture. Whether you are looking to take a nap, have some quiet work time, a therapy space or even a night’s stay, Pop & Rest is a London-based business that offers the ultimate wellness and quality of sleep experience. The pods can also be used to support your employees, with their offering of ‘Company Pods’ that can be installed in the office for staff members’ use.

Looking for something that comes to you? Discover our range of wellbeing activities that you can do from the comfort of your home with an industry expert, such as restorative yoga nidra meditation.

2. Fuel your Body at Deliciously Ella

Located a short walk from Bond Street Station, Deliciously Ella restaurant ‘Plants’ makes the perfect wellness afternoon for you and your friends. Go and enjoy a menu full of plant-based goodness that will fuel your body with everything wellbeing.

If you are looking to offer something similar in the office or host an at-home wellbeing feast, why not hire a private chef to bring good food to you? They’ll take care of all the prep and tidying up so you can enjoy the experience and reap the benefits that good nutrition can have on your overall wellbeing.  

3. At-Home Scrapbooking

Not all wellbeing activities in London need lots of money put into them. One of the best ways to unwind after a stressful day is by scrapbooking. Devoting an hour a day to this is a great mindfulness activity and even better, all you need is a scrapbook, some pens and your choice of media (photos, magazine tear outs etc.) Get your friends over and do it together! You can even make an evening of it with a Mindfulness and Natural Wine Tasting Experience.

4. Workout Class & Brunch

Start your day with a fun workout class followed by a yummy brunch. One Hundred Shoreditch offers an amazing London-based wellbeing activity to nourish your mind, body and soul and this retro-style workout makes a fun alternative to a typical exercise class, a perfect weekend activity for you and your friends.

Alternatively, bring the brunch to you! At HOMETAINMENT, we have many private chefs who will bring the ultimate brunch experience to your home in London.

5. Nature Walks

The hustle and bustle of city life can sometimes feel a little inescapable but there are so many hidden gems only a short distance from, or even within, the city. Spending a few hours of your weekend on a nature walk or in one of London’s beautiful parks is a great way to get away from the fast-paced life. Fresh air and some beautiful scenery are such an easy way to prioritise your mental wellbeing.

6. Reformer Pilates Class

Reformer pilates has become all the rage and London has an abundance on offer. Elements by Retrofit London comes in as one of the best in the city. Just off Kensington High Street, this Pilates studio specialises in matt and reformer pilates that will give you a hard workout conducted by knowledgeable instructors. Booking yourself or your friends into a Pilates class is an amazing way of showing your body a little TLC, putting your physical wellbeing first.

7. Facial at Harvey Nichols

Sometimes feeling good inside starts from the outside so why not book yourself in for a facial at The Light Salon in Harvey Nichols and follow it up with a solo date wandering around the department store for an afternoon of relaxation? This makes for another fun London wellbeing activity you can save for your next free weekend.

Fancy staying at home? You don’t have to miss out on a day of self-care. Book a Pedicure and Brunch Experience for you and your friends, or book an expert to give you a relaxing haircut and blowdry, all in the comfort of your home.

8. Cooking Class

Ready to nourish your body? Spend an afternoon or day learning to cook some super impressive dishes with a London private chef at your home. This is a great London wellbeing activity that can bring an office or your friends together and learn a new skill. Our Full Day Plant-Based Cooking Demonstration Experience is a firm favourite for providing a sense of wellbeing.

9. Aerial Yoga

If you’re looking to try something completely new, why not try out Flying Fantastic? With three locations across London, you and your friends could spend a few hours learning a new skill of aerial yoga! Whilst this is a bit of fun it is also great exercise, proving itself to be another great London wellbeing experience.

At HOMETAINMENT we offer lots of creative experiences that make great wellbeing activities in London that you can bring to the office or enjoy at your home.

10. Sound Baths

Sound baths have been used for years to induce states of relaxation as a form of meditation. So why not book a London-based sound bath experience as another wellbeing activity that helps you unwind and disconnect from your busy day-to-day life? Even better, book a Sound Bath Expert to come to your home and induce a deep state of relaxation to end your day.

Wellbeing Activities in London with HOMETAINMENT

Finding the time to put your wellbeing first is more important than ever. With such a range of activities and experiences, there are no excuses. Check out our range of experiences at HOMETAINMENT, where we offer something for everyone, whether that be at HOME or in the office.

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