How to Plan an Office Christmas Party with HOMETAINMENT

September 12, 2023

How to Plan an Office Christmas Party with HOMETAINMENT

Every company has its own unique culture so your Christmas party should suit your team. From delectable cuisine to immersive entertainment to really wow your colleagues - we've got you covered. There’s no need to dread the Christmas party planning, at HOMETAINMENT we’re making it easy with these tips… 

Start planning early

First things first, set a date for the party. It's important to start early so that everyone can mark their calendars and avoid any scheduling conflicts. This will also mean you can get numbers early enough to know how many you are catering for. 

Choose a theme

By choosing a party theme, you have your direction for the rest of your planning! Thinking of a beautiful winter wonderland theme? Our Dired Floral Christmas Wreath Masterclass is the perfect activity for your team to unleash their creativity and they’ll take home a special gift. Or if you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon giving your employees the opportunity to recharge the Reiki Basics: Techniques for Self-Healing & Energy Flow may be a great option for you. Whatever the theme of your office party, HOMETAINMENT has a range of unique experiences for you to choose from. Let’s make your office party one to remember. 

Most importantly - food

To throw a perfect office Christmas party, your caterers need to be top-notch. HOMETAINMENT provides the highest quality Private chefs for any preference. When it comes to food, canapés are the reigning champions on our platform. Why not try Chef Mimi’s Luxury Seasonal Canapés.  The canapes on offer are not only delicious but are the perfect finger food for office parties.

Music to set the mood

Now you need to sort out the ambience! If you aren’t sure what you are after, check out our saxophonist, Mac! With his versatile range, he can play it all - from chill and smooth tunes to house, jazz, pop, soul, and even Motown classics. Or are you looking for something a bit different for an office party that won’t be forgotten? DJ Jorge might be the choice for you if you’re tired of the same old cheesy Christmas tunes at your office party. Instead dance to soulful disco, Balearica, and electronica vibes instead. Our musicians will bring a truly magical experience to your event. 

Don’t forget the beverages

By starting your office Christmas party planning early, you can ensure that you have a well-stocked bar with a variety of options for everyone. Whether your colleagues prefer classic cocktails or are more adventurous with their drink choices, providing a range of beverages will keep the festive cheer flowing throughout the night. Add an extra layer of luxury to your party by hiring a bartender with us.

You could even make your bar a part of the entertainment with a cocktail masterclass! From shaking up classic cocktails to creating their own signature drinks, it's guaranteed to be a hit with all attendees.

Remember, starting your office Christmas planning early allows ample time for preparation and ensures that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

So gather your team together, scour the HOMETAINMENT website, and let's make this year's office party one for the books!

About the Author: 

Hometainment Team

HOMETAINMENT, a company specializing in curating hospitality and entertainment experiences, delivers them directly to your place of choice , be it your Home your office , your shop , etc…. It stands as the premier platform for home and office entertainment, alleviating the stress associated with hosting. Boasting an extensive array of offerings, from private chefs, bartenders, and musicians to masterclasses, well-being activities, and children's entertainment, HOMETAINMENT continually expands its repertoire with new experiences and experts each week. The seasoned HOMEtainers manage every aspect of your event, regardless of its scale, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

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