Ginger Bread House decoration

Ginger Bread House decoration
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Chef Daniel





Having come from a family of foodies, Chef Daniel started his career when he was just 15! From an early age, Daniel encountered the restaurant business as he helped out with his mom’s restaurant. What he didn’t know was that those days would change his life forever. Daniel began falling in love with the hospitality world and was very interested in working and learning from different cuisines. At 19 he decided to venture to the USA to try and learn as much as he could from working in international kitchens. It was a great experience but as Daniel says ‘If you want to be the best you have to study’, so he enrolled into an international culinary arts school. Once Daniel graduated everything started to make more sense in his life and he found better jobs within the hospitality industry. Daniel has worked in places such as the Radisson and Hilton hotels but his learning path was complete, so he decided to come to Europe and joined Le Cordon Bleu. After graduation Daniel worked in Michelin-starred places like Le Jardin des Sens in the South of France as well as The Langham, Four Seasons and The Berkeley hotels in London. In 2010 Daniel opened his first boutique patisserie which was open for 10 years. Now, Daniel works independently taking the best of his experience to people’s HOMEs with a Michelin-star approach to service. Daniel also makes modernist cakes and desserts to compliment the full experience.
A Gingerbread House Decoration Masterclass is a festive and creative workshop where participants learn the art of decorating gingerbread houses, a beloved holiday tradition. The class typically takes place in the weeks leading up to Christmas, providing individuals or groups with the opportunity to hone their decorating skills and create stunning edible works of art. Here's a detailed description of what you might expect in a Gingerbread House Decoration Masterclass: Materials and Ingredients: Participants are provided with pre-baked gingerbread house pieces to assemble and decorate. The gingerbread pieces are usually made in advance to allow participants to focus on the creative aspect of decorating. A variety of edible decorations are set up, including: Royal Icing: A thick, sugary glue that acts as both a binder for assembling the gingerbread pieces and a medium for decorating. Candies and Sweets: An assortment of colorful candies, gumdrops, licorice, chocolate, and other sweets to add texture, color, and flavor to the gingerbread house. Fondant: A pliable sugar paste that can be rolled out and used to create smooth surfaces, cutouts, and intricate details. Sprinkles and Edible Glitter: For that extra touch of sparkle and festive flair. Pastry Bags and Tips: To help participants apply the icing with precision and create intricate designs. Instruction and Guidance: An experienced instructor, often a skilled pastry chef or gingerbread artist, guides participants through the process. The class typically begins with an introduction to the basics of assembling and decorating gingerbread houses. The instructor shares tips and techniques for creating structural integrity, achieving visually appealing designs, and ensuring the longevity of the gingerbread creation. Creativity and Personalisation: Participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity and personalise their gingerbread houses. Whether it's designing a cozy cottage, a winter wonderland scene, or a replica of their own home, the masterclass provides ample opportunities for self-expression. Fun and Socialising: The masterclass is not just about learning; it's also a social and enjoyable experience. Participants can engage in conversation, share ideas, and revel in the joy of the holiday season together. Takeaway: At the end of the masterclass, participants get to take home their beautifully decorated gingerbread houses, creating a memorable and delicious centerpiece for their holiday celebrations. Overall, a Gingerbread House Decoration Masterclass combines the joy of holiday traditions with the satisfaction of creating something delightful and edible, making it a perfect activity for individuals, families, or groups of friends. Available locations: London
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15 minutes

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15 minutes
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