20 Christmas Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

20 Christmas Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread some festive cheer than by hosting a memorable Christmas party for your friends and family? If you're looking to elevate your festive gathering and create lasting memories, we've curated a list of 20 Christmas party ideas that your guests will love. From classic traditions to unique twists, these suggestions will add a sprinkle of magic to your Christmas celebrations.

Hosting a Christmas Party at Home

Hosting a Christmas party at home offers a unique and intimate experience that can’t be beaten. Firstly, the warmth of familiar surroundings creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere for your guests, making them feel comfortable and at ease. Secondly, home-hosted parties allow for total personalisation and create a sense of togetherness and connection. Watch your loved ones gather in your home for a heartfelt celebration that radiates the true spirit of the season.

20 Christmas Party Ideas

There are an infinite number of Christmas party ideas sure to impress your guests! Here are a few of our favourites to give you some inspiration. Whether your Christmas party is adults-only or a family affair, we have you covered.

1. Wreath Making

An activity like wreath making is the perfect touch to a Christmas party, especially if your guests love to get crafty. Get fully into the Christmas spirit with some festive tunes, nibbles and even a few drinks and get creating your Christmas wreaths. Each of your guests will get to take home their very own wreath as a wonderful reminder of a fun-filled Christmas party. Our Sustainable Christmas Wreath Making Workshop is the go-to experience to suit any at-home party.

2. Gingerbread House Decorating

Your guest will love gingerbread house decorating at your Christmas party, whatever their age! Combining the joy of a holiday tradition with the fun of creating something delightful and edible. Perfect for a small get-together or the whole family, a gingerbread house decorating experience will make your Christmas party one to remember.

3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Transform your home into a cosy cinema with blankets, pillows and a lineup of Christmas movies. A wonderful idea for kids or those just young at heart, combine your movie marathon with a Mega-Pizza Party experience for the ultimate at-home Christmas party.

Christmas Movie Marathon

4. Festive Karaoke Night

Bring out the inner superstar in your guests with Christmas-themed karaoke. Create a playlist of festive tunes, and let the singing (and laughter) begin. Add in your own private bartender to keep the drinks flowing and prepare to host a Christmas party you’ll guests will love.

5. Secret Santa

Everyone loves the surprise involved with a Secret Santa gift exchange. Set a budget and even a theme! On the night, put all your gifts under the tree and have fun trying to guess who is from whom - it’s a great way to get all your guests involved! You could even make sure you’re fully present for all the fun by hiring professionals to take care of the food, from canapés to grazing tables, there’s something for everyone.

6. Candle Making

Have your guests learn the art of candle making at your Christmas party. Something a little bit different, let your creativity flow and have fun making a festive scented candle. Your guests can take home their very own candle and forever be reminded of the day.

7. Wine & Cheese Tasting

Elevate your Christmas gathering with a sophisticated wine and cheese tasting. Pair different wines with an assortment of cheeses for a festive and classy touch. Take it up a notch and be guided by a professional sommelier! They’ll bring an authentic tasting experience to your home, to make it a night filled with fun memories with loved ones.

Gingerbread Decorating

8. Cocktails & Canapés

Add a premium touch to your Christmas party this year with professionally made cocktails and canapés. Hire a private bartender or mixologist for the night to have cocktails flowing all night long, and book a private chef to take care of the canapés. You’ll be able to enjoy your time with your guests without being stuck in the kitchen!

9. Bake-Off Challenge

If you’re looking for something a little different for your Christmas party this year, why not organise a festive Bake-Off Challenge for your guests! Split into teams and whip up something delicious for the iconic signature and showstopper rounds. Earn the title of Bake-Off champion from the comfort of your home, with the help of our ultimate Bake Off Challenge experience.

10. Hire Surprise Singers

If you like to keep your guests on their toes, surprise them with a Surprise Singers experience for your Christmas party. A team of West End soloists will come to your home, hoaxing as chefs, waiters or planted guests and will burst into song during the night to really surprise your guests. Create an unforgettable night that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

11. Santa’s Photo Booth

Capture the amazing memories of your Christmas party with a festive-themed photo booth. Use props such as Santa hats and reindeer antlers to create a fun area in your home where guests can go and take photos. Our Vintage Style Photo Booth Experience includes amazing themed backdrops, props and mementoes that can be cherished forever.  

12. Hire a band

Give your Christmas party that extra touch with a live band! Whether it be something in the background to set the atmosphere or a 7 Piece Party Band to get everyone up and dancing, at HOMETAINMENT we have an experience to suit every Christmas party.

Wreath Making Experience

13. Christmas Dinner Feast

Impress your guests with an impressive Christmas dinner feast by a private chef. Take time to be present and enjoy precious time with your loved ones whilst an expert takes care of the food. Your guests will not only love the food but will love having the whole night with you.

14. Festive Pamper Evening

Why not don your dressing gowns and host a festive pamper evening for your Christmas party this year? Hire an expert to come to your home and provide the ultimate pamper experience. From pedicures and grazing boards to reiki and face masks, your guests will love this luxurious pamper night.

15. Life Drawing

If you want to make it a Christmas party to remember, why not book a Life Drawing Experience? No matter your artistic ability, your guests will have fun releasing their artistic flair. Paired with a few drinks, your Christmas get-together will be full of laughter, fun and great memories - just how it should be.

16. Cocktail Masterclass

A masterclass is a great idea for your Christmas party, especially when it involves cocktails. Your guests will love learning about each drink and mixing their own creations within our Classic Cocktails Masterclass. It’s a great way to kick off the night and get everyone involved.

17. Tarot Card Reading

Sprinkle some spiritual mysticism over your Christmas party with a Group Tarot Card Reading at your home. Something a little bit different, add some intrigue and even a little guidance and inspiration going into the new year. It will definitely be a party to remember!

Tarot Card Reading

18. Aesthetic Grazing Tables

Add a grazing table to your Christmas party to really wow your guests. Not only do they look aesthetic, but they’re also a great way of feeding your guests throughout the night.

19. At-Home Escape Room

Why not host your very own escape room for your at-home Christmas party? With the help of an expert, transform a room into a themed escape room with puzzles and challenges that will lead to your key to freedom. Full of fun and something that gets everyone involved, your guests will love your unique choice of activity.

20. Dinner Party with a Private Chef

How about throwing an impressive dinner party for your Christmas party this year? Gather your friends and family and celebrate the festive period with good food and even better company. Take it one step further by hiring a private chef! Your guests will love the experience and you can enjoy being out of the kitchen and focus on hosting.  

Host a Christmas Party with HOMETAINMENT

The key to a successful Christmas party is to tailor the activities to the preferences and interests of your guests. Mix and match ideas to create a festive night that everyone will enjoy, including yourself! At HOMETAINMENT, we help you tailor your night with the very best experts and HOMEtainers, allowing you to enjoy your time with your guests and not worry about the logistics or smaller details. From private chefs, bartenders, masterclasses, musicians and entertainers, we have everything you need for the ultimate at-HOME Christmas party.

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