What Are Good Food Ideas For An Office Meeting?

What Are Good Food Ideas For An Office Meeting?

With more and more companies returning to working from the office, a positive work environment is essential for success. In-office meetings offer the opportunity to engage employees, visitors and clients in workplace collaboration and providing good food is a big part of that! From why providing food is important to hiring a private chef, join us as we discover how a variety of in-office snacking options can strengthen bonds and elevate spirits within the workplace.

  • The importance of in-office meetings
  • The advantages of providing in-office meeting food
  • Our top five choices for meeting foods
  • Why hire a private chef with HOMETAINMENT?

The Importance of In-Office Meetings

As we approach the summer months, the UK is beginning to see a trend of firms requesting employees return to full-time or hybrid workplace hours. According to recent data, around 40% of businesses now require an in-office 5-day working week with 92% of companies insisting that employees work using either a hybrid-working.

Providing food in meetings offers many benefits but is also essential to promoting a return to in-office meetings for many employees. It encourages engagement and collaboration and ensures that your employees are well-nourished, eager and cognitively active, resulting in high levels of effective concentration, communication and engagement - win-win!

The Advantages Of Providing In-Office Meeting Food

There are many positives to providing food during meetings, that goes above taste! Resulting in several benefits for employees and businesses alike.

Increased Attendance & Punctuality

Offering food incentivises attendance and punctuality by up to 70% as employees are more likely to prioritise and attend meetings where food is provided!

Enhanced Engagement & Focus

When employees are kept full during meetings they become more alert and focused. According to a recent study, eating small portions regularly can lead to an increase in productivity and improvised decision-making as the brain uses glucose as a primary fuel. When blood contains glucose (specific types of sugar, yes, that includes cakes and chocolate) circulates the body, the brain can facilitate higher levels of cognitive functioning, meaning higher levels of engagement, communication and concept generation.

Boosted Mood & Morale

Let's face it, we all love free food! Enjoying food together creates a positive atmosphere and boosts morale among employees, clients and guests, enabling more constructive interactions and collaboration.

Building Networks & Relationships

Conversing over nibbles can create a sense of informality and calmness, opening up the space for conversations and networking opportunities. This in turn helps to strengthen relationships among colleagues and partnerships.

Accommodation of Dietary Needs

Providing a selection of food options accommodates different dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring all attendees feel included and valued.

Promoting the Company Culture

Offering good food at an office meeting can promote a company's culture, enforcing its values of hospitality and care for employees.

Optimising Meeting Efficiency

By eliminating the need for attendees to leave a meeting to find food, providing refreshments can help maintain focus and momentum, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective use of time.

Overall, providing food in meetings not only satisfies human needs but also helps to contribute to a more enjoyable, productive, and inclusive meeting experience!

Our Top Five Choices For Meeting Foods

We understand that all businesses, clients and meetings are different, so we have created a list of our top five favourite HOMETAINMENT good food ideas for office meetings.

1. The Vegan Grazing Board

The Vegan Grazing Board is a fantastic way to provide foods that your team can pick whilst they work. It allows the meeting to continue as everyone can remain focused and on task, all whilst digging into delicious nibbles. The grazing boards are curated by carefully selecting a variety of the finest ingredients, all sourced from reputable suppliers. There are a variety of grazing boards you can choose from, designed to suit every taste so there is something for everyone. Your employees can indulge in a bit of everything, experimenting with the delicious ingredients on offer.

2. Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

These Cheese and Charcuterie grazing boards are curated by carefully selecting a variety of the finest ingredients, all sourced from reputable suppliers. Whether it’s grazing on hard cheese, soft cheese or blue cheese, there will be something for everyone in the meeting.

3. Mediterranean Canapés

The Mediterranean Canapes Experience provides a variety of 14 different canapes each to suit all your teams’ needs. From France to the Middle East and Japan, using the best products of the highest quality, your team will find it tough to pick a favourite. Perfect for almost any meeting style, everyone will be attending this one!

4. Afternoon Tea Time

The Afternoon Tea Time Experience includes sandwiches, cakes and coffee and is perfect for an afternoon meeting. While sugar provides a (very yummy) quick energy boost, positively impacting engagement, carbohydrates from the sandwiches give slow-release energy to the brain helping with decision-making, concentration and sustained productivity. Yummy cakes and sandwiches with delicious fillings that can all be shared across a boardroom table, what's not to love?

5. Pan Asian Canapés

The Pan Asian Canapes Experience brings the experience of a high-end meal at a top-class restaurant straight to your office table. If you want to WOW your team or clients, this is the choice for you. Crafted by Manny, a reputable chef who has served in 5-star restaurants across the world, the Pan Asian canapés are an indulgent, flavour-full, easy-to-eat food idea, perfect for meetings and office events.

Why Hire A Private Chef With HOMETAINMENT?

At HOMETAINMENT, our talented private chefs make entertaining and hosting productive office meetings stress-free, delicious and fun. Hiring a private chef makes your meeting or corporate event seamless and allows you to focus, remain connected and ensure outcomes are successful and enjoyable for all. Hiring a private chef for meetings offers convenience, customisation and restaurant-quality foods without any of the hard work. Prioritise productivity, engagement and workplace joy with our private chef service.

Fancy Another Slice of HOMETAINMENT in Your Office?

Whether it be booking some seriously good food for an office meeting, developing company culture with employee wellbeing or sparking a little competitive energy with a team-building experience, you can find a host of experiences for a variety of occasions with HOMETAINMENT.

Check out some of our reviews or get in touch with us, we love to say Hi!

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