Corporate Wellbeing Ideas For 2024

February 29, 2024

Corporate Wellbeing Ideas For 2024

Are you looking to improve your workplace culture in 2024? Introducing regular activities that promote and improve the wellbeing of your employees is now considered essential for creating a healthy, positive and productive work environment. From giving back to the local community to incorporating regular meditation sessions, we’ve put together our top corporate wellbeing ideas for 2024.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

The environment and conditions of a workplace can have a huge impact on employees, including their mental health and overall wellbeing. This therefore will significantly impact how well they perform at their job which is why incorporating wellbeing in the workplace is so important. Statistics show that 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health issues within the workplace and it’s estimated that impaired work efficiency due to mental ill health costs UK employers over £15 billion every year, compared to the estimated £8.4 billion from absenteeism. It is therefore vital that wellbeing in the workplace is a priority among businesses and corporate wellbeing activities are carried out to not only improve the mental health of employees but also the success of the business.  

The Benefits of Providing Corporate Wellbeing Activities

There are so many benefits to providing corporate wellbeing activities for your employees that will benefit both them and the overall business.

  • Better Employee Engagement
  • Stress Reduction
  • Positive Company Culture
  • Improved Job Satisfaction
  • Happier Employees
  • Reduced Absences
  • Talent Retention
  • Attract New Employees
  • Improve Company Image
In Office Yoga Session

10 Corporate Wellbeing Ideas for 2024

With a whole year of opportunities ahead, discover our top 9 corporate wellbeing ideas for 2024 that can be easily implemented into your workplace to improve the workplace culture and your employee’s mental health.

1. Meditation Sessions

There are so many statistics and studies that show the positive correlation between meditation and improved wellbeing among employees and in the workplace. A study found that meditation decreased absenteeism in the workplace by 85% and improved productivity by 120%. From reducing stress, increasing mindfulness and even improving productivity, providing opportunities for employees to partake in meditation is a great corporate wellbeing idea for 2024 and beyond!

Hosting regular meditation sessions with an expert in the office is an easy way to get everyone involved. Our Chakra Activation & Meditation Experience is a great way to get started.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a popular wellbeing practice that can have transformative health benefits. From reducing stress and improving sleep to providing an improved sense of mental wellbeing and clarity, yoga can be really beneficial to so many. Holding yoga sessions in the office is therefore an accessible and fun activity for your employees that will improve their wellbeing. Our Restorative Yoga Experience is the perfect corporate wellbeing idea for 2024. And if you want to have a bit of fun whilst fully embracing wellbeing, what about the ultimate Goat Yoga Experience?

3. Breathwork

Breathwork is a wellbeing practice that is becoming increasingly popular, due to its effectiveness in reducing stress and sustaining greater emotional wellbeing. Due to engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, breathwork consists of a series of breathing exercises that help calm the body and the mind to think more rationally. Holding breathwork sessions in the workplace can therefore be very beneficial for employees! With our Sonic Breath Experience, employees will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of their day, all without leaving the office.

Breathwork Workshop

4. Flexible Working

Providing flexible working options for your employees is an effective way to improve corporate wellbeing in the office this year. Whether it is flexible work hours, remote or hybrid working from home, giving employees the opportunity to be flexible with their work and other life commitments has been proven to improve overall wellbeing, a better workplace culture and improved job satisfaction.

5. Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition is a key pillar of health, both mental and physical. Why not help your employees make the right choices for fuelling themselves for success in the workplace with a nutrition workshop or masterclass held in the office? Give your team the life-changing knowledge that will help optimise their nutrient for peak performance and cognitive function with our Nutrition Masterclass or our Immersive Gut Health Workshop.

6. Art & Crafts Workshops

Why not encourage employees to express themselves and explore their creative sides with an arts and crafts workshop? These could be collaborative art projects to promote team bonding or individual experiences to promote stepping away from the desk and practising mindfulness. From floristry masterclasses and calligraphy workshops to candle making and life drawing.

Life Drawing Session

7. Themed Wellbeing Months or Days

If you’re really looking to improve corporate wellbeing in 2024, then why not introduce dedicated themed wellbeing months throughout the year? For instance, ‘Fitness February’ with a focus on movement or ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ in which you have an expert come to your office to hold a wellbeing activity for the team.  

8. Volunteering Days

Giving back to the local community can give your employees a real sense of purpose that expands outside of their jobs. Studies found that 77% of volunteers agree volunteering improves their mental health and wellbeing and therefore providing your employees with paid leave to volunteer with a local charity or organisation can be a great way to improve workplace culture, company image and wellbeing.

9. Stress Management & Mindfulness Workshops

Stress is a very common issue within workplaces, so it’s important for companies to support their employees and help them manage it properly. Bringing an expert into your workplace to teach your team new techniques and strategies for managing their stress is a fantastic corporate wellbeing idea. Our Rapid Tapping for Positive Wellbeing is a popular experience for offices.

10. In-Office Masseuse

Who doesn’t love a massage? The ultimate stress reliever to release tension and promote relaxation, an in-office masseuse session is the ultimate corporate wellbeing idea for 2024. Your employees will love this luxurious experience and will be left feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Corporate Wellbeing with HOMETAINMENT

Corporate wellbeing is key to creating a healthy work environment that values the mental and physical health of employees. At HOMETAINMENT, we have the very best experts on hand ready to provide your office with engaging corporate wellbeing experiences to boost morale and foster a positive and productive workforce for this year and beyond.

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Hometainment Team

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