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MasterChef Dining Experience - Culinary Showstopper
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Chef Omar
Chef Omar




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Fresh out of the MasterChef 2023 kitchen where he finished as runner-up, Omar previously worked in toy product development for over 10 years and has now brought his passion for innovating into the culinary world. During MasterChef, Omar was recognised for his daring flavour combinations, creative plating style, never playing it safe and always pushing the limits of food. During the competition Omar cooked at 3 Michelin star Core under Clare Smyth, 2 Michelin Turk and the English Consulate in Istanbul, the Royal Opera House in London, the Crick Institute in London to celebrate 70 years since the discovery of DNA with food innovator Jozef Youssef, and don't forget a lunch service 200 hungry firefighters! Since the show Omar has launched his own private dining and food consultancy business and is writing his first cookbook set to be published in 2025.
Enjoy a truly unique dining experience with this 3 course menu based on the menu I cooked in the MasterChef finals. Featuring some of my signature Asian fusion dishes taking inspiration from classic dishes with innovative twists. These dishes will always promise to make you raise an eyebrow when reading them, but put a smile on your face when you are enjoying them. STARTER Drunken Scallops – a new take on the Chinese classic, Drunken Chicken Pan Seared Falmouth Bay King Scallops, Shaoxing Wine Broth, Carrot & Mango Salad, Pickled Edamame, Shoestring Fries MAIN COURSE Beef In Black Bean – taking inspiration from a takeaway favourite Braised Grass Fed Yorkshire Beef Cheeks, Tempura Oysters, Black Bean & Cherry Sauce, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, Charred Cabbage, Hazelnuts, Cherries, Cucumber DESSERT Parsnip & Cumin Bombe Alaska – a fresh flavour perspective on a classic dessert Parsnip & Cumin Ice Cream, Orange Joconde Sponge, Passionfruit Curd, Feuillietine Crisp, Torched Meringue Currently menu is for everyone to have the same menu, happy to discuss bespoke options and accomodate dietary requirements as part of the menu, just specify when you book. Available locations: Essex, London, Oxfordshire, Surrey
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Virginjia V.

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Oct 31

Where do I begin the praises for Omar? I came to him asking if he could incorporate my Lithuanian and my partner's Welsh heritage into the wedding dinner. Omar came back to me shortly after doing lengthy research and making the best, one of a kind, incredible menu for us. On the day the team was so lovely, meal was incredible, we cannot stop talking how amazing it was. I cannot recommend Omar enough, he is such talented chef with true passion for food!

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