Reiki & Chakra Activation - Wellness Experience

Reiki & Chakra Activation - Wellness Experience
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Diana is a certified Reiki Master, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach and the founder of ReikiMove. She has been attuned to both Japanese and Western Reiki Lineage, therefore using the benefits of both Japanese and Western reiki techniques. Her passion for yoga and spiritual practices started at an early age and her interest in the science behind the human energy body got her involved in international workshops and high-level trainings. She received her Reiki Master Teacher Diploma as a highest level of education in this field and completed studies on the ‘chakra system’ based on the system of Anodea Judith (one of the biggest authorities in the area). Diana introduced a new concept to the world called ‘ReikiMove’, which includes a powerful mix of chakra activation movements, meditation and reiki. Due to increased popularity and high demand, it is now a registered brand in energy healing, which has also earned international recognition by Dr. Thornton Streeter the CEO and founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences. Diana built an international network of Reiki Practitioners to connect with people worldwide and to bring the practical side of energy work and chakra balancing closer to people. She is dedicated to raise awareness of the holistic wellness concept and to prove that accessing life-force energy is within reach for every single person. Her outstanding reviews is a proof of her dedication. Each client request is unique in her view, there are no two sessions which would be led the same way, always customised and made to best fit requirement / need / demand. She also incorporates crystal healing, natural remedies and a variety of organic products in her rituals. Diana completed a Level 4 Beauty Therapist training in order to include skin rejuvenation therapies as part of her portfolio.
Take a moment to drop it all and experience the world of unseen ‘life-force energy’. This mindful experience is a perfect choice to declutter the busy mind and to avoid ‘office burn-out’. Learn some powerful techniques to reduce daily stress, fatigue and increase efficiency, energy levels and reach a healthy, balanced state of body and mind. Increasing your vibrations means reaching higher frequency level. If you're wondering why would it be good for you, it has been scientifically proven that the organs of the human body would need to resonate within a specific frequency limit, in order to maintain healthy functioning. As we know, everything is energy… your thoughts, your emotions will create their own vibration levels, that will affect the physical body and will also materialise by the people and events you attract into your life. It is well within your power to create this positive shift on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. HOMEtainer Diana will guide you through an exciting 90 mins journey, into your own energy body, to open up to new level of opportunities by activating the main energy centres (the so called chakras) of the human energy body, which will help to restore a healthy energy flow and balance. You will also experience ‘Reiki’ energy flow, to enhance the healing and to enjoy its calming yet recharging effect. 'Reiki' is a Japanese Alternative Healing Technique, the word stands for 'Life Force Energy'. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Rest assured, Reiki has no downside risk or negative effects. The ‘Office Survival Kit’ is your special present. You will learn a mix of easy practices to benefit you in your hectic daily life – helping you keep a relaxed and focused mind, reach your targets and restore high energy levels. During the 90 mins session you will experience; - Breathwork - Grounding exercises - Chakra opening and activation - Guided meditation - Reiki energy flow The ‘Office Survival Kit’ : a quick and easy guide to reset the mind and raise your vibrations; 1. Get a Clear Mind: coffee - / tea break cleansing 2. Make it happen: manifestation mini ritual 3. Instant Energy Boost: to reset and go This experience is not only relaxing and recharging, but also fun and educational. You will walk away with some very useful skills to contribute to your overall wellness, effectiveness and success. Find your power in the moment and take your life to the next level! The session is designed for an office environment, each practice and exercise can be followed in a seated position or standing up. Available locations: London
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